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Think you don’t have what it takes to trade stocks successfully? Think again…

In this highly acclaimed course, world renowned expert trader, and mentor to some of the world’s most respected money managers, MaryEllen McGonagle, is revealing highly acclaimed, proven methods for spotting stocks that are poised to explode. Most investors in the world don’t know this stuff.

See, she learned these insider secrets while working under Bill O’Neil’s personal guidance for years. Bill is the publisher of Investor’s Business Daily and the author of numerous stock market industry classics. Insiders know about Bill’s highly-respected, proprietary system that examines stocks– and picks out the ones that meet extremely stringent requirements.

To give you an idea of how exclusive these secrets are, Bill O’Neil used to charge professional money managers around the world $75,000+ per year for what you’re going to learn, and his clients couldn’t wait to pull out their checkbooks.

That’s how ground-breaking this trading system is, and it’s so easy to learn even a complete newbie can do it.

“It’s Like No Other Trading System In The World!”

“Mary Ellen’s stock picking strategies are like nothing else you’ll find on the market. I threw so much money in the garbage using other training methods until I found Mary Ellen. Her simple approach coupled with her unique stock picking strategies made it brain-dead simple, and that’s coming from someone who has tried every other method on the market.                                                                                          Mark S. Pasadena, Ca

Mary Ellen took her years of knowledge as a Wall-Street trader, and added her own proven stock picking strategies to come up with a system that’s completely unique to her, and she calls it “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks”.

It’s this one-of-a-kind strategy to identify explosive stocks that has given Mary Ellen a CRITICAL advantage for years, and now, for the first time ever, she wants to share these secrets with YOU.  


    • Somewhat familiar with the stock market.
    • A believer that some stocks go up much higher and much faster then others.
    • Looking for an easy to implement system that will get you in front of these stocks.
    • An investor who wants to keep losses to a minimum and let your winners run.


In this Online Training video you will learn:

  • How to funnel the stock market universe into a handful of winning stocks that you must own                                                     
  • In-depth insight into the 3 most powerful indicators that will improve your trading tenfold.                                                                            
  • How to uncover patterns in your charts that every winning stock has.                                                                                                                                    
  • Which fundamental metrics are the most important in big, winning stocks including a highlight of the most critical one.                                                                                                                               
  • A complete guide on how to get in winning stocks early.                                                                    
  • Step by step instructions on how to eliminate losses and keep your profits.                                                                                         
  • Historical Graphical Examples Of Past Big Winners.                                                                                                       
  • Learn The Common Characteristics Of Past Winners With Moves from 100% to over 1000% on average over the Following 18 Months!                                                                        
  • Learn What To Look For Prior To A Stocks Big Move Up


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  • Get 4 weeks Free of MEM Stock Edge Report ($97 Value)                                                                                           
  • How To Profitably Navigate Earnings Season – (Bonus Course)                                                                                                      
  • How To Trade Stocks On News – (Bonus Course)                                                                               
  • How To Take Advantage of Sector Rotation In The Markets – (Bonus Course)                                                                        
  • Powerful Ways To Tap Into Your Stock’s Personality – (Bonus Course)                                                                                                              
  • Three part series that answers questions regarding where and how to screen for these stocks. Market cap considerations, ways to screen for strength in the markets etc. (Top Questions Answered From Previous Course Enrollees)                                                                                                                              


Module #1 Mastering Technical Overlays

  • How to simplify stock charts,
  • 5 key ways that you can use a chart to gain a critical advantage over the market
  • A simple formula to determine if your stock is finding support or not
  • How to combine price patterns with buying signals to gain the market edge you deserve
  • What a “gap up” in price means, and how it can help you identify stocks that are poised to outperform
  • How different chart time frames apply to different trading styles
  • The importance of using history as a guide
  • How to easily spot a weak stock simply by looking at its chart
  • A simple framework that will bring your trading to the next level                                                                                                                          

Module #2 Mastering Technical Overlays

  • A deep dive into each of the major technical indicators
  • How to use these indicators to precisely time your entry and exit points
  • Why mastering these technical overlays will give you an unfair advantage of 99% of traders in the market
  • The truth about using the MACD indicator, and why most traders are using it completely wrong
  • How to determine support and resistance using simple moving averages
  • How to use the “Golden Cross” in moving averages to know when to buy
  • Why you need at least 2 flashing signals before buying a stock
  • How these overlays will take the emotions out of your trading, giving you a critical advantage of 99% of the traders out there


Module #3: Finding Patterns In Your Charts

  • Discover the 5 most widely used and proven chart patterns
  • How patterns are created on your charts
  • Why identifying patterns is so essential to your success (Hint: No major uptrend or winning stock has ever NOT emerged from a pattern)
  • We’ll do a deep dive into the 5 major Patterns: Saucer, Cup and Handle, Double Bottom, Flat Base, and Price Channel Continuation.
  • How to spot when a breakout fails before the market has a chance to
  • How to take advantage of secondary stock moves if you missed the prior move (this is your chance to get into a rising stock you missed the first time, and still leave yourself plenty of room for making great profits)
  • Why consolidation periods can be explosive for those patient investors
  • Why your biggest winning stocks will always emerge from a pattern


Module #4: Mastering Fundamental Analysis

  • How to quickly identify fundamentally weak or strong companies.
  • A simple “underlying asset” litmus test to determine if a company is a worthwhile investment
  • Which 4 metrics you should pay attention to when assessing a company’s viability
  • Which types of companies tend to have stronger numbers, resulting in stronger profits for you
  • The #1 fundamental driver in winning stocks (and where you can go to uncover this fundamental)
  • The 4 fundamental indicators that portfolio managers pay attention to in order to spot winning stocks
  • Why earnings is the #1 fundamental indicator that drives a stocks price, and how to compare those earnings properly with other companies
  • The truth about price to earnings (P/E), and why high price to earnings ratios can be the best friend you never knew you had
  • The correct way to combine technical analysis with fundamentals


Module #5: Putting It All Together

  • How to put everything you’ve learned into a system that will funnel you into winning stocks.
  • Review of technical overlays, and how to screen for these technical overlays, allowing you to fine tune your ability to get in front of stocks poised to move big
  • How to screen for pattern recognition on your price chart
  • The difference in behavior of various market caps and how you should trade them.
  • The #1 best place to find economic indicators (note: this is the same tool the Institutional investors use)
  • How to use MACD signal crossovers and line position to tell if a stock is on the move
  • How to find the RSI “sweet spot” for identifying winning spots
  • And sooo much more


MARY ELLEN MCGONAGLEMs. McGonagle has 25 years experience as an Institutional Portfolio Manager, Institutional Salesperson, and as an Investment Consultant. She is the author of MEM Edge— which has outperformed the stock market since inception and is a regular speaker and contributor to Stockcharts.com, The Street and TradeStation. For 15 years, Mary Ellen was Vice President of William O’Neil & Co., where she worked with top portfolio managers worldwide, providing valuable insights on individual stocks as well as the markets. She began her career at Goldman Sachs and was a Portfolio Manager for Equitable Capital Management in New York for 8 years where she oversaw Fixed Income assets totaling over $2 Billion and was the leading performer in the Lipper Index, which ranks traders nationally based in their performance.