"5 Key Traits of a Stock on the Move"
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“The reports not only pay for themselves, they provide an education in how to pick stocks.”
“I just wanted to drop you a note and give you an example of how valuable your reports are.  Late morning (CT) today, I placed orders for 200 shares of 4 stocks on your recommended list. From then until the markets closed, I made enough from those 4 stocks to pay for 18 months subscription to your reports. The reports not only pay for themselves, they provide an education in how to pick stocks.  Thank you!” 
  • Ford B., Madison, MS
“I am so happy I stumbled across MEM Research…”
“I am so happy I stumbled across MEM research a few months back. I am a stay at home mom and my hobby is reading IBD and following the markets to keep my mind sharp. It’s been really nice to finding another resource that is complimentary to the IBD style of investing.The MEM Research courses & presentations are refreshing as they clarify and simply the ideas I have been reading about in the IBD paper and Bill’s books. I like having another source confirm the concepts – its really helped with my traders mindset.” 
  • Kathryn N., Illinois
“I want to say how much your holistic approach and methodology using Technicals and Fundamentals has meant to me”
“First, I want to say how much your holistic approach and methodology using Technicals and Fundamentals has meant to me in terms of including stocks as a part of my portfolios.  I completed the courses and found the extremely helpful toward my not only helping with management of my own portfolio but also extending it out as a vital part of the whole to those client’s accounts which we  manage “in house” on our platform.” 
  • Ed K., Columbia, S.C.
“I made 120% on my first trade!
“I was able to apply what I learned right away. I made 120% on my first trade with a small stock I had been following.” 
  • Alex C., Calabasas, CA
“An Incredible Experience”
“Taking this course was an incredible experience that has changed my trading behavior for the better.” 
  • Stephanie M., Granada Hills,CA
“Nearly Priceless”
“This is not the run of the mill video course. The amount of detail that is gone over is nearly priceless. I can honestly say I learned something every video, and not just one thing learned, multiple. 
  • Paul N., Los Angeles, CA
“I Can Now Buy And Sell With Confidence”

“I really enjoyed this course because it taught me how to analyze technical indicators that I didn’t even know existed. The information is presented in a clear and concise fashion and easy to understand.

Prior to taking Mary’s course I had no idea what information to use to analyze a purchase or sale of a stock.  There was so much often conflicting information that I didn’t know where to begin. I have a whole new understanding of how to analyze a stock from Mary’s course.    

Her course  provides a system to laser focus on the important signals and eliminate the noise.  It was presented in a concise easily digestible manner. I feel I can now buy and sell with confidence having a firmer grasp on what are the important fundamentals and technicals to utilize.”

  • Janice J., Northridge, CA
“The Easy To Follow, Simple Steps Are A Game Changer.”
“Before I took Mary Ellen’s course I had very little knowledge about trading strategies or how to spot the trends that would reveal potentials within the stock market.  After taking the course, I felt that the strategies were so well laid out, that even as a novice, I could implement the steps and feel confident at making the correct move to anticipate potential gains and avoid potential losses. The easy to follow and simple steps are a game changer, I look forward to putting them into action and reaping the rewards – thank you again for providing such an amazing asset.” 
  • Tabitha C., Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you MaryEllen for showing me how to spot stocks correctly!”
“I thought I knew what i was doing with my money. But now, after utilizing MaryEllen’s teachings, i was doing it all wrong. This course has shown me the RIGHT way to invest my money. I have signed up for other courses throughout the years, but MaryEllen’s system was more simple to learn, easier to apply and most importantly not a rip off. Thank you Mary Ellen for showing me how to spot stocks correctly!”  
  • Stephanie M., Granada Hills, CA