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Q?Why are you offering your research to individual investors?

Over the last ten years we’ve seen a leveling of the investment playing field so that now individual investors have access to a lot of the same information as professional investors. This is very important as it provides individuals with the ability to grow their assets to fund their retirements or supplement their income. We’re excited to share our knowledge so that we can help individuals achieve financial freedom.

Q?How did you get started in this business?

Mary Ellen started her career in the Institutional Sales department of Goldman Sachs in New York and went onto become a portfolio manager of over $2 Billion in fixed income assets for another large firm. She spent over 15 years at William O’Neil as an Account Executive servicing professional portfolio managers around the world. For the past 3 years she has been offering a research newsletter to those same professionals. The picks from that newsletter have far outperformed the markets each and every year.

Q?Are your stock picks short term oriented?

Our stocks are chosen with an eye toward longer term ownership. Our screening points us toward sectors and groups that are just emerging and stocks within these groups must meet strict fundamental and technical criteria. Many times we will keep a stock on our list as it pulls back provided our outlook for the broader markets is positive. That said, not all of our picks work for lengthy periods of time and we will take profits and make room for new winners if a stock begins to break down.

Q?How are you different from Investor’s Business Daily?

While many of our investing principles are similar to IBD, our style is steadier and we tend to keep stocks longer provided they don’t violate key trends. Instead of a long list of candidates, we provide a workable list with a higher probability of outperformance.