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We’ve gone live for just 4 days! (Until February 19th, 2018)

We have a limited amount of spots she’s making available during this launch so she can’t accommodate everybody who wants in. When you sign up to this list you’ll get to “cut to the front of the line”.

Think you don’t have what it takes to trade stocks successfully? Think again…

In this much anticipated launch, world renowned Expert trader, and mentor to some of the world’s most respected money managers, MaryEllen Cognagle, is revealing what some would call “Highly Classified” secrets for spotting stocks that are poised to explode. Only a handful of investors in the world know this stuff.

See, she learned these insider secrets while working under Bill O’Neil’s personal guidance for years. Bill is the publisher of Investor’s Business Daily. Insiders know about Bill’s highly-respected, proprietary system that examines stocks– and picks out the ones that meet extremely stringent requirements.

To give you an idea of how exclusive these secrets are, Bill O’Neil used to charge professional money managers around the world $75,000/year for what you’re going to learn, and his clients couldn’t wait to pull out their checkbooks.

That’s how ground-breaking this trading system is, and it’s so easy to learn even a complete newbie can do it.

“It’s Like No Other Trading System In The World!”

“Mary Ellen’s stock picking strategies are like nothing else you’ll find on the market. I threw so much money in the garbage using other training methods until I found Mary Ellen. Her simple approach coupled with her unique stock picking strategies made it brain-dead simple, and that’s coming from someone who has tried every other method on the market.                                                                                          Mark S. Pasadena, Ca


Mary Ellen took her years of knowledge as a Wall-Street trader, and added her own proven stock picking strategies to come up with a system that’s completely unique to her, and she calls it “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks”.

It’s this one-of-a-kind strategy to identify explosive stocks that has given Mary Ellen a CRITICAL advantage for years, and now, for the first time ever, she wants to share these secrets with YOU.  


Inside you’ll discover:


  • How to funnel the stock market universe into a handful of winning stocks that you must own.
  • In-depth insight into the 3 most powerful indicators that will improve your trading tenfold.
  • How to uncover patterns in your charts that every winning stock has.
  • Which fundamental metrics are the most important in big, winning stocks including a highlight of the most critical one.
  • A complete guide on how to get in winning stocks early.
  • Step by step instructions on how to eliminate losses and keep your profits.
  • Plus, they’ll be bonus gifts that will BLOW your mind.




    • Somewhat familiar with the stock market.
    • A believer that some stocks go up much higher and much faster then others.
    • Looking for an easy to implement system that will get you in front of these stocks.
    • An investor who wants to keep losses to a minimum and let your winners run.


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