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New “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” Goes Live

The buzz we’ve seen surrounding the launch of my new course “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” has been nothing short of amazing.

I’ve never before seen this amount of interest coming from traders who are sick and tired of losing on trades, and not knowing how to pick proven winners. In fact, investors everywhere are dying to get access, and it hasn’t even been released from the vault.

So, I decided to go ahead and answer your questions on the blog because there were so many.

Question: There are lots of different trading courses out there, what makes this course unique?

Answer: Since my days of working under the personal guidance of Bill O’Neil (Investor’s Business Daily) publisher, I have developed and perfected a proven stock picking formula that works like a DREAM. When working for Bill O’Neil I was given the opportunity to mentor other professional money managers, and analysts of big investment firms around the world for 15 years.

These were the big money players that paid $75,000/year to gain access to this knowledge, and I was the one teaching them. Only a handful of people in the world know these stock picking secrets, but I’m leveling the playing field by making them available to the average investor.

I’ve seen how the institutional investors have a leg up on individuals because they can afford to access exclusive trading strategies like these, but I think you deserve to have this unfair trading advantage too.

However, what good is all this without me showing you real world results that I’ve helped investors like you get, right?

“After taking the course, I earned 120% from my first trade in a small stock I had been following”

~ Alex Cottier, Calabasa, CA

]Members of my monthly newsletter have earned a combined $25 million using my stock trading methods, and you can too. I’m actually expecting this number to be 3 times higher with members of my new product “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks”.


Here are a few more of the incredible results my students have gotten after applying my unique trading strategies.

“This is not the run of the mill video course. The amount of detail that is gone over is nearly priceless. I can honestly say I learned something every video, and not just one thing learned, multiple”

                                ~ Paul Natali, Los Angeles, CA

“My confidence skyrocketed after I made substantial profits on my first couple of trades. The techniques taught here are easy to follow.”

                                ~Jack Smith, Orlando, Fla.

I’ve heard the same thing over-and-over again from my members.

That is that they want a simple, step-by-step system they can follow along with to identify which stocks are poised to go parabolic, and easily know when to buy or sell.

And most of these people absolutely HATE the thought of losing on a trade, so I’ve built in some easy to follow steps that virtually eliminate your trading risk.

This system, affectionately known as “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks”, is the most proven and unique stock trading system in the world. It’s the fastest and easiest route for investors like you to start spotting winners long before the big money jumps in, and you can do it without worrying about losing your shirt.

This system along with the step-by-step strategies has already transformed the investing marketplace, and given individual traders the unfair advantage they need to compete with the big players. This revolutionary program teaches you:

  • How to funnel the stock market universe into a handful of winning stocks that you must own.
  • In-depth insight into the 3 most powerful indicators that will improve your trading tenfold.
  • How to uncover patterns in your charts that every winning stock has.
  • Which fundamental metrics are the most important in big, winning stocks including a highlight of the most critical one.
  • A complete guide on how to get in winning stocks early.
  • Step by step instructions on how to eliminate losses and keep your profits.
  • Plus, there will be all kinds of extra bonus material

What truly sets this program apart from all the rest is that I don’t use a shotgun approach like many other programs. This program is focused intently on helping you identify stocks that are set to EXPLODE, so I won’t be jumping around all over the place. I’ll be giving you what you need, without packing this training full of fluff like so many other courses do.

Question: When will “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” be available?

Answer: I will be releasing it on Monday, June 4th for 7 days only, and there are only 100 spots I’m making available.

In addition to this ground-breaking training package I’ve prepared for you, I’ve also taken the time to prepare some special “fast mover” bonuses for those of you who sign up to my upcoming “launch” webinar. This will greatly increase your chances of grabbing a spot in the training course, as well as get access to the fast mover bonuses.

Question: Why are you waiting until June 4th to release the course?

Answer: After spending months updating these training materials designed to give you a critical advantage among other traders, I’m still putting some final touches on it.  

Question: Why are you limiting access to only 100 spots?

Answer: Although I would love to help everyone who wants access to “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks”, it’s important to me that I be available to help those taking this journey so it requires that I limit the amount of people I take on to just 100. 

Question: How much will the course cost?

Answer: The price will be released very soon, but I can say this. There are many stock trading programs that range in price from $5,000 to $10,000, but “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” won’t be anywhere near that price.

Plus, after spending months putting together this course I had to stop and ask myself… “What would really kick this thing off and make it extra special?”

It was that question that led me to throw in some super exciting, super cool bonuses you’re going to love. And these bonuses aren’t something you’ll get temporary access to by attending a live seminar that could cost $5,000 or more on top of your travel expenses.

With these bonuses, along with the entire “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” Program, you’ll get 24/7 access from your home or office, so you can study in your own time.

In order for anyone to learn and retain material, studies have shown that people need to hear the material more than once. You won’t get that at a live seminar. The way this course is setup, the step-by-step lessons will literally FORCE you to become an expert at spotting winning stocks.

Keep an eye on the blog because I’ll be posting more updates, and answering more of your questions as they come in.


MaryEllen McGonagle

P.S. If you’re not on the “Mastering The Art Of Spotting Winning Stocks” waiting list yet then I encourage you to sign up now. You can quickly sign up at the bottom of this page here.

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